Team Voices

Voices for Children is an organization of empathy, action and  enduring strength.


We've been privileged to play a role in providing a voice to thousands of children and and youth in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

The work of our staff, board and volunteers touch the lives of our region's most vulnerable citizens every day. We credit our compassion, strength and empathy to our team of game changers and dream creators. 



Steve Moergen
Executive Director

Cheryl Latham
Director, County CASA & Volunteer Engagement

Regina Bennett
Director, Development & Donor Relations

Colleen Polak
Director, City CASA & Legal Services



Admin, Finance & Reporting

Antoinette Barnes, , SHRM-CPExecutive Administration/
HR Manager
Direct: 314-615-2912

Rhonda Lingard
Coordinator, Volunteer Programs
Direct: 314-615-2908

Sherry Taylor
Administrate Assistant
Direct: 314-552-2278


Stacy Harris
Coordinator, City Program
Direct: 314-552-2352

Megan Ondr
Manager, Analysis & Outcomes
Direct: 314-552-2454



Child Advocacy Attorneys

Ashley Boker
Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314.552-2774

Ayana Dobos
Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2773

Jim Merlo
Sr. Child Advocacy Attorney

Ashley Moore
Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2358

Belinda Dantley
Assistant Director,
City CASA & Legal Services
Direct: 314-552-2267

Sara Gordon
Sr. Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2243

Claire Sabourin
Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2512

Kelsey Vujnich
Attorney, Child Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2772




Ally Bartholomew
Manager, of Leadership Giving
Direct: 314-615-4565


David Montgomery
Specialist, Development
Direct: 314-615-4506



Jasmine D. Evans
Manager, Community Engagement
Cell: 314.853.9957

Beth Fultz
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

Shamele Hill
Manager, Training & Development
Direct: 314-615-4540


Social Work Professionals 

Tiffany Blanford
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-552-2430

Ashley Hayden
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-615-4456

Arica Laurel
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-615-2905

Alecia Peterson - Watts
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-615-4549

Angela Jackson
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-615-4508

CaSSandra Grinston
Supervisor, Case Advocacy

Angel McCray
Supervisor, Case Advocacy
Direct: 314-615-4553

Tammie Powell - Williamson
Assistant Director, County CASA
Direct: 314-615-4541